Monthly Archives: July 2016

“Happy anniversary!”
“This is the fifth year of this date that we’ve been together.”
“…actually it’s the fourth.”
“Actually it’s the 28th year that we’ve both been alive on this planet together.”
“Yeah. You’re 29, so 28 years. You wouldn’t have been born yet 29 years ago.”
“Yes I would have. I’m turning 30 this year.”

“Eating like a pound of anything will make you sick.”
“I eat a lot of meat at Shabu.”
“And does it make you sick?”
“It makes me so happy.”

“So what’s the main point of Star Trek? Are they aliens or humans?”
“Humans. Well, most are humans.”
“And they live in space?”
“So what do they do in space?”
“Explore other planets.”
“And how is this different than Star Wars?”
“Star Trek is about space exploration. Star Wars, they’ve already explored and now there’s just drama. Basically it’s the Kardashians in space.”