Monthly Archives: July 2014

“Do you like that we’re super cute together, and we’re a power couple?”
“We are not a power couple.”
“Amongst our group of friends we are.”
“We’re the ONLY couple in our group of friends.  Well, besides one other couple.”
“That doesn’t make us a power couple.”
“Yes it does.”
“Explain what makes us a power couple.”
“Well, we live in the Marina.  You drive a white SUV, and I drive a white compact sports car.”
“You do not have a sports car.”
“Okay fine.  A compact hybrid sports car.”
“You have a Prius.”

* while at The Melting Pot for Sam’s birthday dinner *

“The last time you were here, you were single!  Well, not married.”
“You wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for me.”
“That’s not true.  I could still just come here with someone else.”
“Yes, but it’s my birthday, and if I hadn’t been born, then you wouldn’t be here with the best person on earth: me.”