Monthly Archives: September 2013

“I’ll keep looking and buy a bra another time.”
“Look, this one is convertible!  Inside, outside, over one shoulder…”
“…over one shoulder?  Outside?”
“It didn’t specifically say how it was convertible.”

** back story: Sam and I don’t see eye-to-eye on minty candy, so I posted a poll on my Facebook asking friends if they preferred York or Andes **

“Andes is winning.”
“You know why?  Because all the cool people, the ones who eat York, are out doing stuff and not on Facebook.”

“I wonder if for any recipe that calls for soda, if we could use champagne instead.”
“Yeah probably.  Like we could probably use champagne to make cupcakes.”
“You know that you can take a box of cake mix and put a can of soda, and bake it, right?  Like you don’t need any eggs or anything like that.”
“What??  Like Dr. Pepper??”
“Yeah.  You can use a chocolate cake mix and dump in Dr. Pepper and turn it into cupcakes like that.”
“Why are you just now telling me this after we’ve been together for two years?!  Which, happy anniversary by the way.”

“Will you go on a mooncake adventure with me Saturday?  I want to buy some for Sara.”
“You want me to go on an adventure with you to buy something for your mistress?”
“Yah, I’ll go.”

“Do you like that we’ve started dressing alike?”
“What are you talking about?”
“Look, we’re wearing the same shirt!”
“No we’re not.  Mine is blue.  Yours is gray.”
“Oh.  Well, it looks gray.”
“We look nothing alike.”
“You’re right.  I’m wearing lululemon.  I’m sorry for you.”

“Do you want a piece of gum?”
“Will this interfere with my ability to eat froyo later?”
“…I don’t see the connection between gum and frozen yogurt…”
“Well, you never know.  This could be like the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory gum, where it’s like a meal and I would start chewing and it turns into dessert and then my dessert shelf is full.”
“…no, this is just Orbitz.”